This Update Site

This page provides some details for the Eclipse Update Site you can use to install one or more CertWare features into an Eclipse workbench. The latest build is for Eclipse Mars.2 and Java 8. It uses several of the Eclipse modeling tools. Add this URL to your workbench's list of Eclipse software installation sites:

Dependency Update Sites

CertWare installation works best from an Eclipse modeling tools edition download, but you may start with any Eclipse Mars edition. If you are using the modeling tools edition use the Install Modeling Components tool on the tool bar to install EEF, Graphiti, GMF, and Xtext, then install Epsilon from its update site given below. If you are not using the modeling tools edition then use these update sites to acquire the feature dependencies for CertWare:

Epsilon EMF Integration:

Extended Editing Framework:


Graphical Modeling Framework:

Latest Updates
  • Few remaining project wizards eliminated in favor of single-file wizards in project context, 29 March 2016

    Web site elements added to examples extension point schema, 24 March 2016

    Fault Trees from Physics examples integrated 23 March 2016